Tapah by Bhawika

About Tapah by Bhawika

Tapah, a premium Yoga, Pilates and Barre boutique with it’s headquarters as body and mind yoga centre is a unique gym for your mind. For years we have heard that the mind controls the body, keeping that as our primary motive, we at tapah focus primarily on the mind in order to see differences on the physical body. Est. in 2018 October, in kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, we focus on providing a variety of workouts to our members under internationally trained professionals with profound knowledge of the subject in order to give a world class experience during the session and guiding each one of them towards their goal my making fitness as their lifestyle. We promise to never leave your side until you’ve smashed the goal in the most healthiest way possible.

About the Founder

Bhawika Gaur is an international fitness expert with her education in yoga therapy, pilates, barre, etc from India, USA and Dubai. She has been training clients across the globe since 2015. Training more than 2500 clients across globe at an online platform, she along with her aunt  opened their first yoga fitness studio in Dubai back in 2017 March and in 2019 October Bhawika returned to Kanpur, India with its second studio as TAPAH. Her expertise lies in weightloss/weightgain, hormonal imbalances, psychological and neurological disorders, toning, healthy eating,  counseling, diabetes, arthritis, prenatal postnatal antenatal etc. She believes that it is the mind we need to control in order to see the changes in the body.